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Thread: IT & Network & Security, Programmer/Developer/Software Engineer

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    Hi all, I am from Singapore. Currently now waiting for the processing of my ITA package with the Shanghai Branch. Just interested to know the market for IT, network and security field. What kinda demands are there and which areas can be explored.

    Will it be feasible to be apply for jobs at my stage?

    Current attempts were to NZ Spark for the positions of System Engineer - Network, Security Engineer and System Engineer. All applications were declined.

    Any advise?

    Thanks in advance~

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    It is good to apply for jobs for which you look suitable, because even if you don't get the job, you may get useful feedback, such as, 'You appeared perfectly qualified for the role,' or, 'Please contact the company again when you have your visa.' Towards the end of processing of your residence application, the CO will be interviewing you, and will ask if you have contacted NZ employers, so it is better to have some such evidence to mention.

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