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Thread: Police Certificate for Essential Skills Visa

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    Question Police Certificate for Essential Skills Visa

    Hi there,

    I'm required to submit both Medicals and Police certificate for my Essentials skills visa application.
    Searching through this forum I understand the Medicals need to be done BEFORE I submit the application itself and then the clinic will send the full report straight to immigration, but what about the police certificate?

    According to immigration website, for my country I need to go to the Embassy in Wellington (which is where I am located anyway) pay a fee and request the police certificate. But I also read somewhere that when I request it I need to give them my "file" number (meaning, I already need to lodge the application first?) but on the application it says I need to attach the police what comes first? The chicken or the egg? (AKA the certificate or the application?) lol

    Thanks for any advice

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    What country is the PC from? If you ring the INZ contact centre, they will send you a letter with your personal details confirming that the PC is required.

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