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Thread: How much to live in NZ?

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    Default How much to live in NZ?

    Hi all,
    this is my first post so
    I'm 17, living in New Zealand currently and because I'm an overthinker am interested in how much it costs to live in NZ/what a good salary is.

    For instance say I get married (not right now obviously) and both my husband and I made $35,000 roughly, would that be enough to keep up with fuel, rent, electricity etc?

    Or the other question is if I got married while I was still at university and my spouse was making around $40,000 and I had a part time job minimum wage so maybe another $5000 during the year, would that be a sustainable lifestyle? Could it be done on less or more?

    This is all of course completely hypothetical.

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    It really depends where you live and what lifestyle you expect. $70K joint income is reasonable but if you wanted children at some point halving your income would hurt. $45k joint income is (amazingly) above average so it should be possible but you certainly would not have cash to spare, again, point one applies.

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    Because I feel particularly old today, I'll dispense with some old people advice: If you were my son or daughter, I'd suggest not to plan your life around being part of a couple. Make sure that you are financially independent, and plan to be that.

    Also, isn't the question really to get an education and job and then see what that pays, rather than thinking of how much money you may or may not need and then plan around that?

    Anyway, as Myles said above, $70,000 should be possible but not lots, $45,000 for two doesn't seem a lot depending on where you are.

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