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Thread: Partner of Australian PR

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    Lightbulb Partner of Australian PR

    DEAR ENZ Forum,

    I'm an Australian PR. Soon after I arrived in Australia (on January), I've got accepted in a Master's Degree in Auckland.After that, I returned to my home country to get the necessary papers, and I'm planning to get married.

    What would my wife legal status in NZ be? We're making plans to settle in NZ, so her legal status is of the utmost importance to us. Would she be able to work?

    I've read that the sponsorship process in Australia is very expensive and that it's taking a very long time to be conceded. Is there an alternative for that in the NZ immigration system?


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    As an "Australian PR", you ,on arrival are a NZ resident.

    As the partner of a NZ resident PR , your partner can apply for a partnership related work visa, and once you can demonstrate that you have lived together for 12 months, they can be approved for NZ residence.
    The NZ process for a work visa might take 3-6 weeks and for residence 6-9 months.
    I'm sure others will point you to numerous other posts on the subject, both about partnership and Australians in NZ.

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    Here is a thread with lots of information, and in a post there, I give links to two other relevant threads, too.

    Here are the details about the partner-sponsored temporary work visa. For the purpose of that, you will count as being a NZ resident, but notice that you need to get INZ to register you as a Permanent Resident in the system - see here.

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