Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I would like to have some help, last Friday I received an email from an immigration officer saying that my contract is not sustainable and that might affect the result of my application. My contract was casual and had 24 hours notice to be broken by either part (unsustainable enough), my situation now is that I have spoken with my boss and explained him the situation and he agreed to change the terms of the contract, however we got frustrated as we do not know whats the criteria to make more sustainable. So with this in mind my question is, do I need a permanent contract to apply for my Visa or it is possible to get my visa with a fixed term contract (1 year). If is possible a one year contract fixed term what would be characteristics as for example time of notice for finish the contract and stuff like that.

I have spoken with the immigration officer and she told me that she cannot tell me what are the minimum terms, but I suppose someone has done tghis without a permanent contract.

Thanks for the help in advance.