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Thread: Ideas for a winter break but not skiers?

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    Default Ideas for a winter break but not skiers?

    Anyone recommend a winter break of a few days for two adults celebrating an anniversary ......don't downhill ski but love snowy mountains, so what is cross-country skiing like or snow-shoeing? Any recommendations for the Snow Farm?

    Better to stay in Wanaka than Qyeeenstown?

    Anyone know a quiet self-contained place to stay, with mountain or lake views?

    And just how cold does it get? Is it chill-blain cold? We have got very soft and don't like being cold except do love crisp mountain air. Layers if clothes and suck it up?

    Any ideas gratefully received.

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    I hear Hanmer Springs is nice but haven't been there. I'd love to know what suggestions people have for you too.

    Happy anniversary!

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