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Thread: Recommend to buy 25 year old houses in Wellington?

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    Default Recommend to buy 25 year old houses in Wellington?

    Hi there

    I am looking to buy a 2-3 bedroom house in Wellington
    I would have preferred a house not more then 10 years old but am not finding anything suitable within my price range of 650k

    Is it advisable to go for upto 25 years old houses ?
    How was the general construction quality and technology used in the 90s ?
    Can they have severe plumbing and electrical issues which may require time to time substantial and costly repairs
    Any thoughts on the issue based on members experience would be appreciated

    Thanks for advising

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    It's a hard time to buy in Wellington at the moment as the market is so strong. Buildings between about 1992 and 2004 may be subject to weathertightness issues, which can be serious, more serious I think that plumbing and electrical issues for houses of that age - although there is a type of plumbing (dux quest) which is inferior so if present will need replacing. I think electrical issues would mainly be found in houses older than 25 years. Although I have been in NZ too long to worry about insulation, there are a lot of ENZ posters who raise that issue repeatedly.

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