Hi there,

I'm doing some research for a website I would like to set up to help international students coming to New Zealand. Too many international students get taken advantage of by 'agents' and I'd like to create an information source to help students. I would like to hear feedback on some features people would find most helpful.

Some features I believe could help are:

- A database of all the courses and providers in New Zealand that can be filtered by price and english language requirements
- Compare courses and see student reviews
- Subjects with highest employment rate for international students
- Links to student job sites with the average hourly wage for each type of part-time job
- Information on internships in New Zealand
- Help for CVs, Cover letters and job interviews
- Links to accommodation websites and Facebook groups

It would help a lot to future international students if you could suggest other features you think would be helpful and give feedback on these features and how helpful you think they would be.