hi all expert

now my condition status is collecting all my document for ITA lodge ,qualification, employment,work reference,etc all done, but still confuse for what evidence for partnership, i have been married for 4 years without kid, in 2014 i came in nz for study cookery for 2 years program,i lived separate with my wife but our comunication intens through whats up and also every year i went back home. i cant bring my wife live together with me cause my visa status only student and just allow for working 20 hours per week automatically cant survive if we stay together. after graduated and get work visa i have full time job.next month i have plan bring my wife stay together in nz. and she already get work visa a weeks ago applied from immigration nz in jakarta.
1. do i can still use proof of stable partnership from previous my wife work visa to ITA application (marriage certificate, photos,birthdaygreeting,screenshoot our comunication through whats up, my itenerary flight when i go home) cause we dont have any evidence yet in nz will start live together from next month.
2. for meet english requirement, my wife cant speak english as well and dont know how to figure it out on this case..

any advise from everyone appreciate cheers