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Thread: About NZQA assessment for overseas qualification

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    Default About NZQA assessment for overseas qualification

    Hi Everyone,

    I was looking for some information on the internet about the NZQA Assessment for which I have some confusions here. I came through enz forum page and was happy to register with this page. I have read some posts on this forum and I am still 50% unclear. I have a Bachelors of Engineering (Civil Engineering) obtained from Anna University and I graduated in 2013. I am currently in Auckland, doing my Graduate Diploma in Construction Management at Unitec. I came across a link on the immigrations website (http://onlineservices.immigration.go...nual/49107.htm) where I found that my university's name was actually present in the list but not the bachelor's degree. But in the PREVIOUS IMMIGRATION INSTRUCTIONS (WHICH IS GIVEN IN THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE), When I clicked the (India (23/09/2013)) section, it directed me to a page where I found my University and the qualification being recognized. So what does this exactly mean?

    If I need to get my degree assessed by NZQA, can I directly go to the IQA or do I have to go with PAR? I know by doing PAR, it helps us to identify what qualification we might be eligible to. But just to cut short the process, is there anyway to directly apply for a IQA?

    I wanted to get the qualification assessed for the employers here in New Zealand, to recognize my qualification obtained from overseas.

    Any answers and advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Syed Jaffer

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    The list of qualifications exempt from assessment states foreign qualifications for which there is currently an NZ course running with comparable content. So it looks as though there WAS a NZ course like your degree course, but it is now no longer running, which is why your degree would not be on the present LQEA.

    PAR is a waste of time and money. All they judge by is the name of the foreign qualification as you write it on the form. That can give a totally false impression. In preparing the IQA, NZQA will have looked in detail at the course content, and they CAN find that the foreign institution has different standards from the NZ norms, and what they call a bachelor's degree is more like what would be called a Level 5 or 6 diploma in NZ. If you need/want an IQA, you do not have to get PAR first.

    That said, I think you will find that NZ employers in general pay very little attention to an IQA - that is primarily used for the purposes of immigration, and some professional registrations.

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