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Thread: Scared, can I get deported?!

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    Default Scared, can I get deported?!

    My working holiday visa is up 2 weeks tomorrow, I have just sent off for a partnership work visa today.

    I'm planning on applying for the second working holiday visa to cover me until a decision is made on the partner visa and so I am able to carry on working. But I can't apply for this until I get paid on the 7th July, I have it filled out and will send it a couple of days prior to getting paid but I'm really concerned it won't be granted in a week.

    What would my situation be then? Would they have granted an interim visa from the partnership visa in that time? Or is there a chance it could come to 14th July and I will have neither the interim or second working holiday? What happens then/what should I do in these circumstances? I don't want to mess up being able to stay, but I'm probably not going to have the funds to hop over to Australia for a bit either because I'd have just spend over $1000 getting the two visas sorted.

    It's all been left a bit late, we didn't decide to go down the partnership visa route until a few months ago so I've been hard out saving for that one being more expensive getting the medical, police certificates etc, I've literally had $50 to my name each week after saving and house costs

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    Hi. If your new visa application (partnership) is accepted for processing then you will almost certainly get an interim visa to allow you to stay until the new one has been decided. I am not sure if applying for the extension to the UKWHV will help. Iit is processed in the same timeframe as all other temp visas, not like the original one, so I can't think of any rights it will give you that you won't get with your partnership visa. If it gets to within a couple of days of your current visa expiry and you haven't hard anything, phone INZ and explain. Good luck!

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