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Thread: Query on SMC visa and visa to find a job

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    Default Query on SMC visa and visa to find a job

    Dear All,

    Trust all is well at your end. You guys are doing a great job through this forum.
    I have a quick question regarding the SMC visa. I have been contemplating applying SMC visa for quite a long time.
    As per the points calculator on New Zealand government's immigration website, I am getting 160 points. Hence I was fairly confident that I'd get this visa.

    However very recently I saw this presentation on Youtube from Tuariki Delamere (former minister of immigration for New Zealand) -

    He is saying though the applicant has 140+ points, if he/she does not have an job offer in skilled occupation, he/she will be provided with a visa valid only for a restricted period to find a job. Is this true for all applicants without job offer or subject to the answers of applicant during the visa interview.

    Thanks in advance for all the help.

    Karthik Richards

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    He is telling people who have graduated in NZ that they have to have employment in a skilled occupation to apply successfully for Residence under SMC. (0:22 seconds)

    You're right in thinking that other applicants who don't have a job offer have to go through the CO interview when all their evidence has been processed and found to be satisfactory, and it is what they say at interview that will determine the outcome of the application.

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