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Thread: Using FBI Channelers While in NZ

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    Default Using FBI Channelers While in NZ

    Hi all,

    My partner and I (from the US) have just become eligible to apply for residence visas, as we've been in NZ two years on the work-to-residence visa. When we originally applied for our work-to-residence visas whilst in the US, we used an FBI channeler for our FBI reports, and it worked beautifully--quick and efficient.

    Has anyone been able to use an FBI channeler while in NZ? Going directly through the FBI can take 12 weeks, which puts us in a poor position for holiday travel (our work permits expire in December, and we'll need to relinquish our passports to INZ during the application process). I'd like to use a channeler, but haven't been able to get adequate information whether it's acceptable to have the reports mailed outside the US. We have our fingerprinting appointment with the NZ police here in Wellington next week--I'd like to get things mailed off ASAP after that! Any guidance you can provide is much appreciated!

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    we used a channeler for my husbands check in the usa, and actually for canada too.

    the fbi was way over 12 weeks at that time (January)

    we had to get a lawyer to recieve our results and then have him ship them over to us. we also had to have the lawyer write a letter to the fingerprint place before they would release it to him.

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    never heard of an issue for US Citizen clients using a channeler from NZ

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