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Thread: Need a temp home in Auckland, where should I not stay?

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    Default Need a temp home in Auckland, where should I not stay?

    I've been looking into couchsurfing and, if successful, that would provide a 2-3 day stay in which time I can look for an actual good apartment and talk with some local kiwis about neighborhoods and such.

    I have also looked at and they have super neat map feature where I can search for apartments in the area that I want.
    If I choose to book an apartment before arriving I would need to know which neighborhoods aren't any good.
    I want a place with normal and nice people preferably.
    Also shouldn't cost too much as I'm on a 90-day trial and only get paid ca. 1/3 of the normal payrate during that period.
    I figured somewhere about 250-300 range.

    I don't care if it's close to the big road or anything since I will be moving to a more permanent place on the countryside near the water after getting settled in properly.

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    Where will you be working? Which suburb?

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