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    Hello All,
    So I am looking to Migrate to New Zealand as I have seen a job open up in my field of work which is very attractive, I have also always wanted to move to New Zealand so feel now is better time than ever. I have been looking at potential properties, and I have found a very nice near perfect house in North Brown Owl in Upper Hutt and not knowing much about the area was looking for your opinions on it, I was wondering, is Upper Hutt the type of Place you feel safe, and would I be able to feel happy letting my kids roam free around the area, I was also wondering what are local schools in the area like, how is transport into the City and is there good access to nearby Parks and Sports Facilities and are there any good shops in the area? Thank you for your help,
    Many Thanks,

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    It might also depend on where your work is based? Brown Owl is a perfectly fine middle class suburb, about 5 minutes drive north of Upper Hutt, which in itself is about 40 miniutes by train/car to Wellington City . (by car an hour or more at peak) has good schools and parks. The Hutt River is nearby with good walking and cycling tracks. Can be cold being at the head of the Hutt Valley. Upper Hutt shopping is not great, but would have everything you need. Large supermarket not far from Brown Owl. There is a primary school at Brown Owl, and Upper Hutt College is about 7 minutes by car/bus.

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