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Thread: Proof of living together

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    Question Proof of living together

    Hi everyone,

    Asking for a friend as she doesn't have an account.

    So basically my friend and her boyfriend are going to apply for their residency in August next year. She holds a Talent Work Visa from an accredited employer (been holding that for a year now so next year she's qualified to apply for residency) and her boyfriend has an open work visa based on partnership.
    They have been living together at the same place for over a year (both of their names are on the lease and it was used as a proof of living together when they apply for the boyfriend's work visa) and now they are looking to live with one of their colleagues to save money and other reasons.
    Now, the problem is, both of their names are not going to be on the lease (and cannot be added on to the lease, I'm not sure why?) and the best thing that they can think of is to get a written flat-sharing agreement from their colleague (the head tenant). This is the agreement form:
    Would this be sufficient enough as a proof of living together?

    They do have a joing bank account and obviusly they will pay for the rent from this account.

    Also for utility bills, all are under their colleague's name and they are not sure whether it can be changed to their name/their names added on it.




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    First thought: your friends should make certain that the colleague they are intending to move in with has the right to sub-let part of the accommodation to them. The whole arrangement will need to be open to INZ to see, for their partnership evidence, and it would not help if, later on, the head-tenant didn't want to share details with INZ.

    Second thought: they will need to have a letter from the head-tenant (and possibly, anyone else also part of the house-share) that they have private shared space as a couple, showing that they are not just individual house-mates.

    It shouldn't cause a problem, not having their names on the lease or utility bills, as long as there is a formal trail of evidence to show that they are routinely paying their share towards the expenses of the accommodation. This could be the written agreement you mention, coupled with tagged mentions in their financial records of what the various payments are for.

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