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    I have applied for a residence visa application but its still in the processing so I've passed an extension for my visitor visa 2 weeks ago after that I received a call from immigration that they want to transfer my application to a general visitor visa. But, since then I didn't receive any call or an email from them even the confirmation email that they received my application. Now, I dont know the status of my application whether it is accepted through processing or not. My current visa will expire this end of the month. Is it possible that they already emailed me but I didn't receive?

    Another thing is the immigration officer assigned to my residence visa application emailed me that I need a letter from my gp and wanted to receive it at the end of the month. However, I included my passport when I passed the extension for visitor visa. Now, I can't request a letter from the gp because they needed my passport.

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    There isn't anything here that anyone outside INZ will be able to tell you about your situation. We are members of the public, not anything official.

    To sort out your situation, you need to contact INZ. For one thing, the helpline should be able to tell you what your situation is regarding the visitor's visa. For another, you should tell the CO (contacting him/her direct) dealing with your Residence application that you have received the requirement for the doctor's letter, and/but that you will have to get your passport back from INZ (the other department) before you can obtain the letter. It's always important to respond by any deadline given you, even if you can't meet the requirement by that date. INZ are usually reasonable about waiting, if you let them know what is going on and that you're doing your best to do what you have been asked.

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