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Thread: Family immigration advice needed

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    Default Family immigration advice needed

    Hello a family member has offered my partner work in Wellington and so has a friend of the family member.

    We're currently in the uk. My partner is a level 4 over 12 years experience in joinery, has worked in other areas too including scaffolding in Australia, fitting movable walls etc...

    I'm disabled and we have three children, I was half way through my masters degree in adult nursing before I fell ill, so he's the only earner which is why we haven't made a move as of yet. I'm too worried about the risk of being there with only one income then having to come back to the uk as it wouldn't be fair on the children.

    We really want to move over though, or to Australia. The visas seem much safer (secure) for families in New Zealand.

    What are your views? I really need advice? When I've looked at some figures they vary ALOT! So it's hard to get a true picture. We lived in Australia but that was without children and both earning so had a glorious time so I'm well aware it won't be anything like that.

    The figures I've found say that generally outgoings are almost on par with here in the uk apart from the rent / mortgage repayments which are almost double than where we currently are. We have a mortgage but we would rather keep this property in the uk as a safety net and rent it out.

    So with these figures we would certainly need a higher income than we do currently at home here in the uk. I need someone to be realistic with us and not just tell us what we want to hear, as I don't want to upset the children if we can't stay in nz if we did make the move as the cost of living was too high?

    So he's an experienced joiner, and has myself and three small children to support, all under 7, personally I think it's impossible but my family member in nz seems to think it is possible??? Help please???

    I've also posted this on the "living in" forum but wasn't sure which was best to post in? Thanks again

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    depending on your disability your first hurdle might be meeting medical requirements?

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