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Thread: Starting an online business

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    Default Starting an online business

    Hi all.
    I am preparing to start a small online business, import stuff from overseas.
    Mainly business would be run online maybe at some local market as well.
    I have looked at every relevant website, still confused as I have never done this before.
    -Sole trader/Company
    I understand the definition of these basically, but still I am not too sure if I can run an online business, import stuff as a sole trader.
    This business is collaborated with my family member who is in that country so very confusing to me. Do I need to launch this as a sole trader? or Company?

    Our stuff is not BIG size, more likely craft stuff, value less than NZD$100 on each items.
    Also as the beginning of business we are expecting not to bring too much at once.
    Would the Tax rate different depends on what kind of business structure I have? And How (much)?

    Any advice/comments I'd much appreciated with it.

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    What visa are you on?

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