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Thread: Skilled Work Visa Job Offer

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    Default Skilled Work Visa Job Offer

    Hi, I'm an Austrian environmental engineering (MSc) by education and and have 3 years relevant work experience. I started to fill out my Expression of Interest (EOI) for the skilled migrant visa.

    One section asks if I have a job offer from NZ. Unfortunately I don't - does anybody have experience for getting accepted when submitting an EOI without a relevant job offer?

    I'm also trying to apply for the silver fern visa which seems to be the chance to find a job and then apply for the skilled migrant visa.

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    Check here. http://onlineservices.immigration.go...anual/6954.htm

    SM6 has a chart of all the points that can be claimed. The other sections give the detailed requirements for being able to claim points under that heading. Read it all VERY carefully. If there is anything you don't understand, please ask, giving a link to the page you're looking at.

    If you have 140 points without a job offer, your EOI will be selected at the next draw. If you had a job offer, your EOI would be selected with a minimum of 100 points.

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