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Thread: EOI - need to bother with qualifications assessment?

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    Default EOI - need to bother with qualifications assessment?

    Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times.

    My husband has a job offer (yippee) and we are just debating what to do re points

    If we claim SMC points just for job offer, outside Auckland, and age, we get 100 points.
    With work experience assuming it is recognised (is there anywhere to see what is recognised, I have only seen info re country - it was all in UK) we get to 130 points.

    His job offer is in LTSS but I think his qualification may not be acceptable to gain points for that and don't want to claim what we aren't entitled to - he has a light vehicle qualification with heavy vehicle experience that helped get him the job but I think for points we could only claim if his C&G was heavy vehicles.

    We could add in another 50 points - 40 for my husbands City & Guilds in light vehicle servicing and maintenance (which I think is no longer exempt so would need assessment rather than just claiming the points) and my 10 for my HNC in Chemistry which I had PAR assessed for peace of mind but still needs full assessment to count.

    But anyway enough rambling...... I think that 100 points plus a job offer means we will be selected from the pool automatically even if they did reject the relevant experience claims? I'm really just checking that I'm correct and don't need to spend hundreds of pounds more getting our qualifications assessed to give us another 50 points buffer. But of course if I do then I will.

    Thanks in advance

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    What job is it? What ANZSCO number?

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