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Thread: bonus points for working experience

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    Default bonus points for working experience

    Dear Friends
    can somebody help to explain the following issue bonus points as i have.
    I have a Master of science in Computer Science degree from Norway and 6 years working experience as a IT and system administrator in different companies so i can claim for bonus points for my degree and working experience both.

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    See all the regulations here. http://onlineservices.immigration.go...anual/6954.htm SM6 has a chart of all possible points, then the other sections give the exact requirements for claiming under any of the headings.

    To get bonus points for your qualification and work experience, your job has to be on the Long Term Skills Shortage List. Check here. You have to have a qualification that is EITHER exempt from assessment (see INZ list of qualifications exempt from assessment), or has been assessed by NZQA (get the IQA) as comparable with one of the NZ qualifications listed when you click the LTSSL button.

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