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Thread: Essential visa, I got laid off

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    Unhappy Essential visa, I got laid off

    I'm a Civil Engineer (LTSSL) and I've been working as a Draftsperson (on Immidiate Skill shortage list) on Essential Work Visa for last 9 months.
    I just received a mail from my employer stating that the company is planning to discontinue drafting services, meaning we (drafters) are getting laid off.
    The process of discontinuing is probably going to take couple of weeks, which is helpful I guess...
    What are my options to extend my living & working in NZ?

    #1. I've seen on immigration website that I can find another job and apply for Variation of condition
    #2. I can apply for Visitor visa and get 3 months to find another job
    #3. My partner is working on Partnership visa, she can try to get a job offer and apply for Essential and then I apply for Partnership

    Am I missing something, or am I wrong about something?
    Any advice would be much appreciated, as we're gutted and scared.

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    So sorry to hear this.

    Yes, you've understood the options correctly, although in (1), you could find another job and get a new Essential Skills visa if it's in a different region or if other details vary from your original visa. It doesn't have to be just a variation of conditions. If the new employer is accredited, you could also apply for a Work To Residence visa.

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