Hello. I am a 28 year old Canadian male who has worked in New Zealand on a working holiday visa for one year. My visa expires on December 13th 2016 but I am currently back in Canada. I am going to apply for a 2nd year working holiday visa but was told that I can only apply when I'm in New Zealand. I have also had the required medical exam done here in Canada. On my medical exam everything had went OK and the only thing that the doctor mentioned is that my blood platelet count is a bit low. I am in healthy condition and have no symptoms from a low platelet count. The count is 132 and the normal range is 150-400. He said that it is not much to worry about and it most likely will not affect my visa. However I was planning on going to New Zealand one month before my first year visa expires and then I will apply for my 2nd year at that time. I am worried that my blood platelet count will delay or affect my application and the one month that I am in New Zealand before my visa expires will not be a sufficient amount of time to sort it out. Any suggestions? Cheers