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Thread: Variation of Travel conditions - AU Citizen

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    Default Variation of Travel conditions - AU Citizen


    When I arrive in NZ, I would like to apply for Variation of Travel Conditions using INZ1175 form.

    I will also be applying under the option of Two-year variation of travel conditions as the principal applicant is an Australian Citizen or resident.

    My question is when I choose to depart New Zealand and before the two year variation is up, can I apply for another Variation of Travel Conditions with another 2 years?


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    interesting question and slightly complicated. You could be issued a PRV if you met the requirements, a further 1 year RV if you met the requirements in on of the two years preceding the application, or 14 days if you didn't meet any of the conditions, but, if you returned to NZ and applied again, you should get a new two year visa. it not clear what would happenn if you applied off shore, within 3 months of your current visa expiring. i suspect the specific provisions applying to Au citizens and residentss mean that you my not get a visa off shore??
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