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Thread: Good areas to live in New Plymouth

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    Talking Good areas to live in New Plymouth


    My family are thinking about moving out of Auckland and purchasing a home in New Plymouth. Can you please let me know which areas are good to live and raise a family in?

    I saw on Trade Me, several houses which seem beautiful, in the Whalers Gate area. Is this a good area? Is it easy to get to central places, like shops, etc.?

    Also, are jobs limited in New Plymouth... do people struggle to find jobs?

    Any advice would be helpful! Thank you for your help and time.

    Kind regards.

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    Hi,yep whalers gate is good,there is a mix of new and old but like every where you go,can't guarantee good neighbours :} Jobs are somewhat limited,you can also look up the road at Bell Block, Inglewood (not much there),whalers gate is about 6 min by car to NP city centre,same to the beach,Oakura is a great Place,not much in the way of shops there but good place to live and great beach,avoid Okato,Waitara. In Np avoid Motorua and sea road area.NP is a good place to raise a family,about the same as anywhere else really,there is a shopping centre and coastal walkway and some good restaurants and cafes etc,best garden centre is in Bell Block "Big Jims" along with the "warehouse" cheap goods but remember,you get what you pay for.Buying a house ? go for brick and double glazed with under floor heating and wood burner,any more questions let me know PS we lvdd there for 8 years,cheers.

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    I like Merrilands, Strandon and Fitzroy. Got a friend who got a lifestyle block in Whalers Gate - they love it.

    Have you got a job in NP? I would look for a job first prior to moving there.

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