I submitted for my UK working holiday visa extension for the 23 month balance weeks ago. I have recently been informed that my medical has been referred to a medical assessor and I will be granted an interim visa. I asked my CO if I could continue to work with my employer when my current visa expires in a couple of weeks and she said I couldn't. I have now looked on the immigration website and it contradicts what I was told.


My understanding is that both the 12 month and 23 month UK whv visa are open work visas and the 'same kind' of visa so surely my interim visa would also be an open work visa and I can continue to work with my employer? Is my understanding correct? That way I will be able to work up continuously up to the end of October when I would have worked the maximum of 12 months I am allowed to over the 23 month period.

Thanks in advance for your help. I'll also ask immigration directly for a response so that I can be sure.