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    Hi folks, hoping you might be able to help with a few Partership Visa questions.

    Partner is Canadian and have been with her for 18 months, living together for over 12 months. We are currently living together in NZ and she is on a 23 month working holiday visa. She is currently working but hasn't been able to find work that is what she wants (has a masters in education and is overqualified for the work she is doing) because employers are turned off by the 23 month working holiday visa.

    I was thinking of putting in a Partnership resident visa application now (instead of at the end of her working holiday visa as originally planned) to help with these employment woes - will there be any issues in this application since she is already on a working holiday visa? I would think not but wanted to be sure.

    Secondly - thinking further ahead, my understanding is once she has held the resident visa for two years she can apply for PR. Once she has PR is she free to live outside NZ and return without losing her status? We are thinking of returning to Canada to live temporarily at some point but I want to be sure that she is able to return and work easily.

    What exactly are the requirements/limitations around travelling while she is on the Partnership Resident Visa?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yo can apply for her resident visa as long as she has a valid visa to stay her until she gets her resident visa approved. Once she gets her resident visa approved she has to live at least 6 month in first year and again atleast 6 months in second year time on resident visa. once her two year is complete she can apply for permanent resident visa which allows her to come back whenever she wants to.
    Partnership based resident visa takes around 4- 6 months time to get approved. but its not promised by the immigration. it all depends how buys the immigration is.
    best of luck

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    Here is the INZ web page with links to all the information for the partner-sponsored residence visa. The WHV will be no bar to applying whenever you want, once you have solid evidence of at least 12 months' living together. See old threads for discussion about evidence, and suggestions that may give you more ideas you can use.

    And here is the page about PR. Be aware, if she's going to use the 'time in NZ' criterion as her proof of commitment to New Zealand (which most people do), INZ count BACKWARDS from the lodgement of the application, counting DAYS exactly. So she would have to have spent at least 184 days in NZ in the 12 months leading up to the date of lodgement, and again, 184 days in NZ in the 12 months before that. You're correct that a NZ PR holder can spend any amount of time outside the country and return with full rights to live and work again whenever they wish.

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