Hello all:

I am writing this timeline to help someone may want to or applying for the Resident Visa - Partnership at the moment some ideas.

Me and my partner have known each other about 2 years, and we've been living together for more than since Feb of 2015. I got my 1 year Work Visa based on our partnership, and I lodged my Resident Visa on June of this year. We are living in Wellington, therefore, my application with Wellington Branch.

Update Timeline:

20/06/16 Application Loged
28/06/16 Application Received / Fees paid at the same day
27/07/16 Documents returned, waiting for allocate to a CO
31/08/16 CO Allocated, initial assessment completed, being asked to provide more evidence in the last 12 months, relationship development letter and complete NSC form
06/09/16 Drop further documents back to branch