I have a Bachelors degree in Commerce from Osmania University, Andhra Pradesh, India and
I have a PGDBA ( Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration) form TIME Management institute, Andhra Pradesh, India awarded in 1998

I got an email from the NZQA stating that TIME Management institute was accredited with A.I.C.T.E in 2009, but they have been unable to establish the accreditation for the year I was awarded my diploma. They have been writing to various departments but no one has responded!

The email also said, they will send 3 more letters and emails and wait a period of time between each contact.


1. Anyone knows how long NZQA waits in between each contact?
2. Since the institute is not there anymore and in interest of time, I was wondering what harm will happen if I get only my Bachelor’s degree assessed/verified? Is it possible to ‘withdraw’ my PGDCA?