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Thread: Non Visa Waiver Country Visitor Visa Length

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    Default Non Visa Waiver Country Visitor Visa Length

    Hello everyone,

    I have read online that a visitor may remain in New Zealand for a 9 month period out of 18 months. When a visitor visa is granted, does it automatically come with a 9 month entry or does it come with a lower time frame that can later be extended for countries that are not part of the Non Visa Waiver program?

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    Usually the latter, I think. But in some cases, since people are having to apply for the visa, if they have a particular reason for wanting a longer time, they can ask for that up front, and it may or may not be granted.

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    the length of the visa is purely discretionary. It would be based on the ammount of time required to achieve the purpose, based on the information and evidence supplied with the application. For some risk couuntires it might not be more than a month in the first instance. It's important to be clear in the purpose of the visit, be realistic as to length and not to have too high an expectation.
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