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Thread: Non Weather board 1974 home - can it be monolithic cladding and leaky ?

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    Default Non Weather board 1974 home - can it be monolithic cladding and leaky ?

    Hi there

    Did the problem of leaky homes and monolithic cladding exist in 1974 also in Wellington ?
    I read somewhere that 1970s was the golden period of quality construction in NZ

    Can a home built in that period be a seriously leaky home or it is just the 1994-2004 homes ?
    It is some sort of plaster from what I can see as a layman.
    The house is being sold by a POA holder who has no idea about anything
    Was it compulsory to have a cavity in the exterior cladding prior to the changes in 1994 ?

    Wanted to get some feedback before getting a builders report done and wasting my money if it is not a desirable home

    Thanks for advising
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    I think you need to understand this.

    Any home can be a leaky home irregardless of whatever cladding it is.

    But the majority of leaky homes are monolithic cladding and the majority of monolithic houses becoming leaky are built during the period of 1990s to early 2000s. It certainly doesn't mean if a monolithic home is built outside this period, then it is a safe. You need to do your own individual investigation. That means getting an inspection report which is beyond the normal scope, involving invasive moisture checks.

    If you are an investor then you would know the risks of buying. But if you are a first home buyer and hoping for a bargain, then you need to assess your risk carefully. You stand to lose a lot if a few years down the road, the house leaks.

    Any house can leak whether it is brick, weatherboard or any other material. This is due to poor construction or poor maintenance. NZ houses need a lot of care, exterior wise due to the harsh climate conditions. Yours will cost more to maintain to ensure it doesn't leak.

    Monolithic cladding isn't just plaster housing, but those built with fibre cement, harditex, stucco etc

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    Read it carefully... every link.

    IMO, I wouldn't touch such buildings even when the building reports comes back good. The climate and building approach pose too great of a risk.

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