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Thread: NZQA - Mumbai University (Need Advice on Transcripts)

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    Default NZQA - Mumbai University (Need Advice on Transcripts)

    Hi All,

    I have to file an IQA because Although my degree is from University of Mumbai, it has a college name on it. I have

    1. Bachelors of Commerce - KJ Somaiya
    2. Masters in Information Systems (JBIMS) - Part Time

    Now after getting the transcripts from both these colleges I went to the university for attestation and they said they only dont do it for PR applications, they only do it for college admissions only. Another thing they mentioned they want to address to which the information mus be sent. As far as I know MU does not send the envelope to any one.

    Now the question is - Does NZQA require the transcripts attested or do I have to send the originals to them for assessment ?

    I am seriously confused and time running out on my EOI


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    You need to send Transcript and Degree in original along with certified copies.
    Certified copies mean it must be signed and stamped by Justice of peace and/or Notary Public and/or Oath Commissioner.

    That's it. Verification of degree will be conducted by NZQA officials if they require. Otherwise they will asses your subject and compare it with New Zealand education level.

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