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    anyone have any idea about demerit points? just received 55 points in one day (according to my calculation)... 20 for speeding and 35 for passing to the right on a yellow dotted line))))) i know stupid move!!!
    i have international license (didn't apply for nz yet) do they have the right to suspend my license or just pay the fines? i read on one of the websites that if i didn't receive a letter from the police about how many demerit points i have, then they don't have the right to suspend my license after 100 points, is that true?
    and for sure i'm not working hard on getting the other 45 points but god forbid if i do will they suspend my license?


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    What actually happens seem to vary (see this old thread, but in theory, I believe the points are on record, and meant to be loaded onto your NZ licence when you get it.

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    Even if you don't have a NZ Licence, NZ authorities will create a dummy one, which any demerits will be recorded against. (note only offences where you are stopped and given an infringement notice incur demerits, speed camera and other stationary violations do not).

    You need to be served with a suspension letter before a suspension can take effect, but there is currently a legal challenge underway which may mean that the processes that are followed, pre suspension are legally invalid, as are the suspensions. af

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