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Thread: Options after Work Holiday Visa

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    Default Options after Work Holiday Visa

    Hi everyone!

    I am leaving for NZ in a few days on WHV for a year. My question is if say I decide to stay longer than a year, what are the chances of me getting transitioned to a regular open work visa? Assuming I find an employer who will support me. I was just reading that some people here have been waiting for their work visas for months!

    I understand I need to notify INZ 3mos before my WHV visa expires if I am going to transition to any other visas. If no employer is willing to sponsor me yet, will it be possible to transition to a tourist visa while looking for work?

    Any insights are very much welcome. Basically, what are my options if I want to stay longer beyond my WHV. I'm from the Philippines, btw.


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    I think you are confusing the PIP Working Holiday Visa rules.

    You cant work for any one employer for more than three months.

    Successful applicants will be granted a work visa with the following conditions:
    if the applicant is outside New Zealand, first entry to New Zealand must be made within 12 months of the visa being granted, and the visa will allow work and multiple entries to New Zealand for 12 months from first arrival; or
    if the applicant is in New Zealand, the visa will allow work and multiple entry to New Zealand for 12 months.
    Participants in this scheme must not work for the same employer for a period exceeding three month

    If you wanted to work for that employer for longer, you would need to be granted a essential skills work visa. (which, labour market test provisions aside, might take 6-8 weeks to be considered.). The same considerations would apply if you were applying at the ned of the 12 month period for a work visa.

    It would be a matter of discretion as to whether you would be granted a visitor visa to say longer after 12 months, since the purpose of the working holiday scheme is to allow you to visit and to work. Youd need to showe that you were a genuine tourist and needed longer to complete your itinerary.

    If you have already provided a medical to get the WHV, then that would also lessen the risk of any delays due to a referral to MA>, since the medical can be used with any further applications for 3 years.

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    If you have the offer of a job which would qualify you for an Essential Skills visa, with an employer willing to support the application, then, as long as you lodge the application before your existing WHV expires, INZ would issue you with an Interim visa to keep you legal while your application was being processed.

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