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Thread: Volunteers/ supervisor for driving my car

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    Default Volunteers/ supervisor for driving my car

    I have moved to Wellington this February. I live near CBD. I bought a car and was driving my car for almost 5-6 months with my overseas licence. For converting my overseas licence, I have to sit for both theory and practical test. I cleared my theory and got my NZ licence with supervisor condition. Now, I can't use my car without a supervisor.

    I took my driving lesson with an institute and sat for a practical test. Unfortunately, I failed in my test. It's too expensive for me to take lessons again. What I need is some driving experience in NZ roads. Is there any community/ volunteers who could help me in driving.

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    What you need is really a driving instructor who knows the test inside out and can show you where you went wrong. It may just be a little bad habit you got into like not checking mirrors etc. Personally I would recommend you do whatever you can to get a couple of lessons to help you pass the test. It might not take too many (presumably not seeing as you have an overseas licence).

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    The TO haven't explain you why you failed the test ?

    You can get some helpful hits from this site

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