Hey team,

Been lurking here a while now, first post.

I'm having a lot of difficulty finding information on this and customs keep telling me to call a broker.

I'm wanting to set up a side business doing electronics \ cellphone repairs.

I'm unsure if I should be a sole trader or a company
I don't plan on doing 60K worth of sales in a year however I already have a job earning 55K annual which I don't plan on leaving.

I plan on doing repairs and import parts to use and on sell too./

The only problem is that I can't really figure out how much I'd need to pay to import these myself.
The whatsmyduty.org is only providing an "approximate" cost and for consumer figures only.

Any help tailored to my situation would be appreciated! Or even links to information that would be helpful to me.
Anything really would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.