Hello Everyone!

With the NZ immigration fever going on with most of the teenagers, I am too fallen in this trap. I am currently in Canada, and would like to immigrate to New Zealand with my husband.

Well, we both have experience in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector with 2.5 years of experience from the MNC's. We are well qualified and possess Master's and Bachelor's in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have consulted a few agencies from NZ which does immigration, and we both seem eligible to apply for the SMC, provided we have a valid job offer from a NZ employer in order to get through the SMC visa swiftly. Also, the agency suggested, they can help arrange for the interviews and can take forward my application with the NZ employers on our behalf (we have to clear the interview on our own). Currently, the ICT area is under shortage skill and I feel there might be a chance if we could try for the jobs but am unsure how much we could succeed. The only query I am stuck with is, what is the possibility ratio for a foreigner to get through an interview and attain a job offer from NZ employer? and how true are the immigration agencies about fetching an opportunity to a foreign national? Can we trust them? (I consulted an authorised advisor)

Therefore, I request the qualified moderator and the beautiful people around here to contribute to my post as much as possible, so that we all get benefited by sharing our experiences and opinions.

I welcome all of your valuable responses and look forward to get helped from you. Thank you in advance.

NZ Lover