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Thread: Unqualifed Teachers !!!!!!!

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    Hi all

    Merry Christmas.

    Can anyone give me any info ??????

    Im looking to come out July / Aug 2006. Ive been offered work in both Auckland and Dunedin and a good chance of a job offer in Hamilton. (choices choices choices !!!). (Im a Psychiatric nurse) I still havent made my mind up where too settle. This will depend mainly on house prices and where my wife can find work and how much she can earn. She works in teaching but is not actually a qualified teach. She teaches children with special needs. She has an HNC in Learning Support and also holds a certificate in Higher Level Teaching Assistant Status. She takes classes of up to 20 in maths literacy and food technology In the UK she is classed as an Unqualified teacher. We would like to know if there is a similar position in NZ available. She also has a HND in Hotel, Catering & Institutional Management if that helps. What we dont want to do is settle somewhere and find that there are not many jobs available for her.

    Id be grateful for any info to help us make our minds up.



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    No there isn't Tony.
    She would need to have a full teaching qualification in NZ.

    Classroom assistants here are called "Teacher Aides".
    They would not be allowed ot take classes like that - and - I to say it - are paid a pittance. Approx $11 per hour.
    Although - I dont really know about teaching in Special Needs units - i.e. if there is a more formal qualification for them that the HNC would equate to.

    Sorry not to be able to give you bettter news.
    Has she not thought of taking a Teaching degree? There are lots of incentives here for you to do that - particularly in subjects of demand.


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