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Thread: Partnership Based Residency - required supporting letters from Family and friends

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    Cool Partnership Based Residency - required supporting letters from Family and friends

    I am living in wellington since may 2015 on a work visa based on partnership. we are married and i came here on a visit visa then obtained 2 work visas 1st visa 9 months 2nd work visa 2 years. my husband living here since 2007

    I have applied my residency application on august 2016 and CO emailed us that she has finished the initial assessment has been done and need some more information regarding that me and my husband are still living together. CO asked joint and individual bank statements, supporting letters from friends and families, rental documents and any other supporting documents. we already submitted some of these with our application and CO suggested those are not certified copies so she need original or certified copies.

    1. here I am requesting you guys if any one have some sample supporting letters(currently living together in a genuine relationship) that you can post here that would be great.
    2. How many letters we need to submit?
    3. any suggestions?

    My time lines
    application submitted on 01/08/2016
    documents returned on 15/09/2016
    CO requested supporting letters 20/10/2016

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    There is not a set form of supporting letter, and it would not be good to copy someone else's letter. Each person should write about how they know one of the couple, then how they came to meet the partner, and that the partner gradually took part in activities of the group of family and friends alongside the person they live with. Say things that they know about the new person - what they like, their hobbies, where they have been together - whatever they can think of that shows that they genuinely know this person, and how they have come to know them better over time since they live with their friend/son/granddaughter or whatever the relationship is.

    It is quite normal that the CO asks for more proof to cover the time of processing. They do this to make sure the relationship is still in place before they issue the visa.

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