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Thread: Recognised seasonal Employer Limited Visa

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    Default Recognised seasonal Employer Limited Visa

    Hi!!!! Does someone ever applied for this kind of visa?? Im already in Nz with a visitor visa, im form argentina.

    Thank u very much!!!


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    I don't remember seeing this kind of visa mentioned on our forum before.

    If you're thinking of doing this, notice, it only gives you a VERY limited time in NZ - "Up to 7 months in any 11-month period for citizens of most countries." Also, "you can't apply for any other kind of visa, even if you have a special case.
    You have to leave New Zealand before your visa expires - you can’t appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal to stay in New Zealand after this."

    So, even if you were offered a different job while on that visa, a job that would make you eligible for a full temporary work visa, you would not be allowed to apply for it while in NZ, and you would HAVE to leave the country at the end of the visa, even if you had other offers by that time.

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