Hi friends,
I'm a Sri Lankan and currently on student visa for PgDip in Business Enterprise (Level 8). I have a sales and marketing background of around 5 years in my country. My question is how to match my qualification to a relevant job? Because entrepreneurship covers various aspects of a business not limited to a specific segment. In other hand I feel that my qualification is too general. What type of a job allow me to redeem points under skilled category and to apply for PR.?
I have 5 years of Sales & Marketing experience (Multinational companies) + Level 8 qualification (Where I need focus on the relevancy of qual with the job)
My wife possess experience of 6+ years in an international airline as a flight attendant (Not from a comparable labour market) and she currently holds a work visa in NZ.

Is there a possibility for us to get the permanent residency in any of the category.?

Thank you