Hello there my name is Jayden and i am a New Zealand resident by birth.

Last year my girlfriend of 2 years flew into New Zealand on a Working Holiday visa and lived with at my address the whole time. It took a long time to find work here in Hamilton and i already had utilities, rent etc all under my name and we saw no reason to change this.

The Visa expired in September and we were a little late at getting all the money together for all the things needed to a partner of a New Zealand resident Visa but we managed to get it all together a few weeks before the expiry date.. 2 times after handing in initial papers and document s they asked for more information which i feel i provided comprehensively, unfortunately due to the Tenancy agreement i handed in being for another house i lived in 6 years ago it didnt match up with the countless evidence placing my partner at this address. We were declined and im fairly certain thats why. We went in and asked if we were able to just change the paper and get re reviewed but we were delclined which i feel after the nearly 800 dollars it cost to get this Visa is not acceptable.

I even stated a letter i added with the last set of information i handed in that they were mroe than welcome to interview friends and family and view our flat. I even gave a letter my chartered accountant Aunty wrote confirming our information.

Please can anyone guide in what do. We are so scared