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Thread: Regarding Work visa as a caregiver

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    Question Regarding Work visa as a caregiver

    Hi all. I am on dependent visa on one year. My wife is on open job search visa which is valid until next month. I got a job as a Health Care Assistant(Care giver)three months ago in South Canterbury. I want to apply my work permit visa .Could you tell me please what document I need for apply my visa from old age home.

    I haven't any study from NZ. I have done my MBA (Master of Business Administration) from India.

    Look forward to hear back soon.

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    There may be a problem with this.

    The old people's home were able to give you a job because you already had the open work visa, allowing you to take any work at all, skilled or not. The open work visa depends on your wife's visa.

    To get a visa in your own right, you need to have a job where the owner has advertised it, and no New Zealander who could do it applied. Or else the job needs to be on the skill shortage lists, and to be a job that you have the qualifications for. Here are the details. See the 'criteria' link near the bottom of the page to see all the details of what is required.

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