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Thread: Antenatal classes in Porirua/Wellington

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    Default Antenatal classes in Porirua/Wellington

    Hi there!

    My wife is currently pregnant with our first child We are thinking of taking antenatal
    classes to help us understand the process better and prepare for the arrival of the baby.
    We also found out through friends that it is a good way to meet other people who are
    going through the same and potentially forge long lasting friendships.

    I am here to ask you guys to share your experiences with antenatal classes and their providers in
    Porirua/Wellington area.

    Thank you!

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    The midwives can usually tell you which you may like best. Some are a better fit for some and other providers work better than others. Good luck! I have no personal experience, but antenatal classes really are beneficial with easing fears and getting first time parents needed information.

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