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    Hi all,

    I am confused as to whether my qualification is exempt from assessment.

    I need to do my EOI and include my BA (Hons) degree that would give me enough points to get selected. One thing, I have been awarded a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree from The University of Liverpool on my certificate. This university is on the exemption list, however my study institute is Liverpool Hope university which is not on the exemption list. I have a certificate from that university to include the Transcript of modules.

    Basically, I am unsure whether I need to do an application for NZQA and I called them and they said its up to immigration to decide. Should I still do a Par/Full assessment anyway or declare on my EOI that I am exempt.

    Any help would be appreciated :-)

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    On the list http://onlineservices.immigration.go...nual/45798.htm, it says this.
    Previous names and dates of change, and alternative institution names which may be included on the award certificate are indicated in brackets. Names and dates of institutions have been included in the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment for immigration purposes only.
    Since Liverpool Hope university is not included alongside the mention of the University of Liverpool, it looks very unlikely that it would be accepted by INZ without being assessed.

    If you decide to send in to NZQA for assessment, don't bother with PAR, because it is a waste of time and money. The Level mentioned on a PAR is arrived at ONLY by looking at the title of the qualification as you enter it on the form. You have to have IQA in any case for submission with the ITA, and since that involves looking at the subject(s) studied, to what depth and for how long, the result can be completely different from PAR.

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