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    I need some advice. I'm a US citizen living in Palmerston North on a partnership work visa. The only thing holding me back from applying for my residency is a silly FBI police clearance. I got fingerprinted at the police station in Palmy and submitted my request to the FBI. After almost 4 months of waiting, I received a letter in the mail saying my fingerprints were rejected. I looked into writing to a. FBI channeller to make the process go more quickly (wait times when applying directly to the FBI can be 3-5 months), but they would only be able to provide me with an electronic copy and immigrations will only accept a sealed envelope. I tried going back to the police station to get fingerprinted again but I don't really have good fingerprints on my right hand due to work. I've moisturised for weeks but it isn't making a difference. Can somebody give me advice on what to do with this background check situation? Thanks

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    We were fingerprinted and mailed them to a channeller. They needed a US address and then had that address (BIL) mail them to us. From the time we sent them out to the time we received the clearance was only 10 days. In Auckland they have a digital fingerprint system that takes very good impressions of your fingerprints. You may try them.


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