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Thread: Urgent assistance required... Bonus points = 0

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    Default Urgent assistance required... Bonus points = 0

    Good Evening fellows of the forum,

    I present to you my current situation and would like to seek any advise or past experience. I have did a search and found no relating post regarding this matter at hand. Hence this post and here goes.

    Year 2015, I have submitted my EOI on September and was selected on October. ITA was then received on November.

    Year 2016, upon completion of the ITA, it was sent away on February and it was acknowledged on the very last day of same month. By the end of march, CO requested for more partnership evidence. From then till now, which is a 8 short months of heart pain and cold sweat, I finally received my phone call. During that period of time, I have been assigned and reassigned 3 times?

    A lot has happened and to mention:
    1. IQA was required as there are some details that I have missed out on. (Click Here and find the details in the NOTE!!!)
      • As I did offshore studying, I need to send all my certificates and work experience (includes contract/s start & end and testimonial) to NZQA for assessment to get IQA.
    2. Fingerprint check missed out (My partner dumb dumb and thought don't need to send the fingerprint check as the application is done online. But wait!!! That's only name check...)
      • Do again but this time, I am organizing and doing all the necessary paperwork.
    3. Require more evidence of partnership
      • NOT ENOUGH!!! Yes, all listed below are taken into consideration and it shows that the partnership relationship is stable and genuine. HOWEVER, that does not prove that you and your partner have been LIVING TOGETHER for more than 12 months
        • Tons of photos
        • Testimonial from friends and relatives
        • Co-owning motor vehicle
        • Mobile phone contract
        • Flight ticket stubs for varies overseas trip
      • Best bet (best proof ever) Bills with 2 names... [for 12 months of course]

    Wow~! Seems like endless tidal waves and tornadoes.. The phone call to get outta the matrix has arrived. Countless days and nights have been put into practice and finally the voice of the person behind all the wall of text.

    Everything went through smoothly. Blah~ Bullsh*t! As the principal applicant, I fumble and "erm.." and I think I screwed up one answer to a question but, all in all I think we have demonstrated sufficient capabilities to settle and contribute to the society.

    *Ring Ring* Hmm~? +86 #### #### Scam call? It's very common from where I am that scam phone call generate from China. Anyway, I just pick it up and there she is again~ Anyway, this time round, the call is to verify on my education qualification. I am starting to wonder what went wrong. There is comes!!! An email with an attachment is sent and a receipt confirmation is required. Puzzled~ I opened the attached PDF and my feeling went from stressed to despair.

    ### Potentially Prejudicial Information ###

    Since the submission of ITA till the phone call, it has been 8 months and several COs. I, the principal applicant have missed out on the little fine print.
    A minimum of 3 years' relevant post-qualification work experience ---> Click here for the ultimatium!!

    I would like to seek any advise available from anyone. Currently, I am there but not there where my points are at 120. Counting from the date I obtain my Bachelor Degree till now, it has been 2 years 6 months. Just 6 more months to meet the criteria to earn me the 20 more points in Qualification Bonus Points and Work Experience Bonus Points. I have to admit that I have made a mistake and error for not checking through the applications thoroughly.

    Points to look and examine:
    1. I have been doing full time work while studying part time for my Bachelor Degree. Those days/months/years be counted as years of work experience? Though it is not post-qualification but I am applying the knowledge acquired along the way. Does that count?
    2. Is it possible to defer the Assessment until 1 June 2017? By then, I would just nice hit the minimum 3 year mark.

    By the way, I think this is how EULA catch you with your pants off~ Heehee...
    Oh, before I forget about this which I also just remembered, in the year 2013 April's fool day, I was hired as an Engineer by my current company, working as an engineer. Currently now, I am still hired as an Engineer by still my current company, working as an engineer.
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    I'm so sorry to see what has happened.

    Realistically, I don't think you are going to be able to rescue this application. Post-qualification work experience means just that. Unless you had some other qualification before you started studying for the bachelor's, working during your studies just is not AFTER qualification. And as for asking the CO to wait to finish the assessment might just work if it was for two or three WEEKS, but seven MONTHS is highly unlikely to be granted.

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