Hi all,
My partner and I are in the process of gathering all of our information to apply for his NZ residency. He is Indian and I am Maori and a NZ citizen.

I'm wondering if anyone has had much experience in applying for the Qatar Police Clearance as we are finding the process quite difficult due to no Qatari embassy within NZ.

My partner lived in Qatar for almost 10 years while working for Qatar Airlines and as such, has quite a lot of friends in Qatar.

A very good friend of his said he would go to the embassy in Qatar on my partner's behalf and we sent all of the documents to him. He went two days ago and the embassy told him that we would need to send my partner's original passport and quite a few documents that we saw online that he shouldn't need to send? But they suggested that we just do it through the Qatar embassy in Canberra (Australia) or the Emirati embassy in NZ.

Would anyone else know what the process would be? We are also going to call the UAE embassy tomorrow but wondered if anyone had their own personal experience with it.

Thank you!!