Would an Australian trade qualification, that was completed by a non Oz/NZ citizen, be recognised in New Zealand? Specifically for immigration purposes. I've done a bit of research on this and am not able to find a clear answer.

Australian trade qualifications are usually at AQF level 3 (Cert 3), however most NZ trade's are at NZQF level 4 (Cert 4)

I was able to find this in a PDF, put together by the Australian Goverment, showing the similarity's and differences between the two qualification systems.

"In Australia, the majority of the trade qualifications sit at level 3 on the AQF, while the majority
of the New Zealand trade qualifications sit at level 4 on the NZQF.
Industry training organisations, which set the qualifications, and registration bodies, which
accept the qualifications to grant licences, agree that the trade qualifications are equivalent,
even though they sit at different levels on the AQF and NZQF"

But the same page also states this;

"Linking AQF level 3 to NZQF level 4 was beyond what could be proved or justified in terms of
language and other qualifications sitting at those levels.
Under the best fit principle the decision not to level AQF 3 with NZQF 4 was based on the
collective professional judgements of stakeholders. If levels are understood as corridors and not
as exact lines then the AQF trade qualifications sit at the upper end of the AQF level 3 corridor."

If it wasn't recognised (thinking it isn't), would I be able to apply for RPL from an RTO in NZ to gain the level 4 qualification?

Thanks for any help.